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Friday, October 08, 2004

Pee Drinker

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Fisting Tutorial Chapter 1

This Fisting Tutorial consist of 3 Chapters which are:

Chapter 1:
What is fistin?
Fisting Tips

Chapter 2:
Fisting Techniques

Chapter 3:
Your First Fisting Experience

Chapter 4:
Fisting Samples (WARNING: Extreme content ahead)
Chapter 1

What is Fisting?

Exploring the vagina, the anus, the anal canal and the lower digestive tract with the fingers, hands and arms for sexual pleasure can lead to intimate lovemaking and spiritual awakening. This bizarre sex acts is called Fisting. When done with proper hygiene, anal fisting stimulates the receiver in the same way most anal sex does, with many reporting that they feel a deeper spiritual connection with the giver. Vaginal fisting is enjoyed by many women who prefer a deeper, fuller penetration.

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Fisting Tips

A. Hygiene: Proper hygiene is essential before, during and after any fisting activity. Especially for anal fisting, you'll want to make sure the entire area is cleaned out prior to your session. As the giver, it's a very good idea to wear latex or other protective gloves. For anal fisting, it's mandatory. Proper hygiene is the key to having repeat sessions that are both exciting and enjoyable. As the receiver, you don't want to be walking around funny for the next week (or maybe you do).

B. Start Slow: Make sure to start each session with a little warm-up before trying to cram your whole arm up there. As you get more experienced with fisting, you'll get to know your partner's preferences and thresholds. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and just ram that fist up there, but you're better off with a slower, probing approach. You'll know when they want you to go full tilt.

C. Lots of Lubricant: It's almost impossible to use enough lubricant. Also, you'll want to liberally apply additional lubricant as your session wares on. Oil based lubes work wonderfully, but if you're anal fisting, you may wish to consider a water based lube. Make sure to lube the fist, the wrist and the entire opening, including the inner walls.

D. Relax: If you're the receiver, make sure to relax your opening so the giver can work their entire hand in. You'll be amazed how much you'll stretch and how comfortable it will become once the whole hand is inside. Let your mind and body relax and breath outward as you go through the peak insertion stages. You'll find that the opening will loosen up and allow for the sublime pleasure of being stretched to the limit.

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That's it for Chapter 1 of the Fisting Tutorial.
Stay tuned for the next chapters coming soon!

Bat Stuffin In Her Muffin

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